Believe. Receive. Achieve. Never Doubt.

Hi, I'm Christy Newlin, founder of  B.R.A.N.D Yourself....

I am a passionate educator who loves to learn about the mind, body, and soul connection. I have always been drawn to experiences of personal challenge and discovery, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the world with those around me. To me, there is nothing more engaging than being in a continuous cycle of teaching and learning. 


Having a growth mindset has been a tremendous blessing. It means I am never bored and often find joy, opportunity, and clarity in situations that might make others feel uncomfortable. I have created an interesting life from what I consider “unique experiences.” I have lived on a sailboat, backpacked around the world, and traveled to nearly all 50 states. I have worked in all-inclusive resorts in remote locations across the globe and in a high-rise, corporate office building for an international company. I have taught in preschools, private schools, and public schools. I have been married and divorced. 


Being a single mother to three children has given an opportunity to demonstrate the principles which I live by: you truly can do, be, or have anything you desire. It is essential to move with confidence and embrace the unknown. Without a doubt, The Universe is always conspiring on our behalf; you just need to be open to the infinite possibilities.


Christy has Master’s Degrees in Educational Leadership, Curriculum Design, and Reading. She is an Applied Positive Psychology practitioner and has certifications in the Law of Attraction and EFT Tapping using the McDonald Manifestation Method